The Misty Kids - Winter Festival of Lights


Introducing The Misty Kids

Are you ready to sing and dance along with The Misty Kids®? Join Chilly Dog, Crystal Bunny, Cool Cat and their friends, Flurry and Flake, on their adventures with the Icicle Fairies.

Misty Kids - Crystal Bunny

Crystal Bunny

Hi everyone! My name is Crystal Bunny and I just love the colour pink! I love pink ribbons, pink dresses, pink balloons, pink flowers, pink candies, pink fireworks…but most of all, I love to dance.

I want to be a dancer when I grow up! A dancer with a beautiful pink dress, because I love to dance…

Chilly Dog

Misty Kids - Chilly Dog

Hello kids! I’m Chilly Dog and I love skating and playing hockey. Every year, I can’t wait for winter to arrive! Winter is my favourtie season, its so fun to play in the snow!

Cool Cat

Misty Kids - Cool Cat

What’s rockin’ all you pretty little kittens? I’m Cool Cat. I’m practicing every chance I get so I can Rock with some Feline flavour!

Flurry & Flake

Bonjour! Hello, our names are Flurry & Flake we’re the youngest and newest Misty Kids®. We’re twins and we love to get into trouble!

We have a great colouring book that you can have some fun with.

Misty Kids - Flurry & Flake